She's got it!

While this picture might not be very color-accurate, it sure has the feel - finally!
I'm not one for lemmings and I rarely have them but when they do hit, they're not all that easy to shake. The last time was Zombie zest (best name ever) and this time it was Electric pineapple by the same brand, China Glaze.

I'm not a big spender and I am trying to keep down on my consumerist actions, but after a few months, I caved in and figured that "Hey, it's my birthday soon and I really could make good use of some snot-green nailpolish".

Said and done, now it's mine and it makes me feel just as good as when I have run a 10K. I know that might sound sad, but it does. However, imagine how I will feel having run 10K while wearing this?
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