She's got it!

While this picture might not be very color-accurate, it sure has the feel - finally!
I'm not one for lemmings and I rarely have them but when they do hit, they're not all that easy to shake. The last time was Zombie zest (best name ever) and this time it was Electric pineapple by the same brand, China Glaze.

I'm not a big spender and I am trying to keep down on my consumerist actions, but after a few months, I caved in and figured that "Hey, it's my birthday soon and I really could make good use of some snot-green nailpolish".

Said and done, now it's mine and it makes me feel just as good as when I have run a 10K. I know that might sound sad, but it does. However, imagine how I will feel having run 10K while wearing this?
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Week of fuglies, take 3

Seeing as the 2nd manicure didn't last longer than a day, I had time to do a third before the week was up. Just as it's precessor, what was in my mind one fugly manicure, it turned out pretty cool. If not cool, it did atleast look a lot nicer on a hot summer's day than it did when I had it on the last time when the world looked like it was drenched in what appeared to be asphalt flavored slush ice.
The polish in question is Love nails by Sinful Colors which is a lot greener than I remembered it to be. Think lagoon minus the creature.
It's more of a shimmer to be used as top (think Lighthouse by China Glaze, the shimmer that brings light to any worn manicure) than a polish as it's quite sheer It took me 5 coats to get opaque.

I don't know what came over me to take the next step, which was matching my makeup with my manicure. I guess it an attempt to make it fugly by hitting the 80's tree all the way down/up. A turquoise smokey eye, but can you even spot it? As always, any color on my eyes seem to just disappear.  I don't mean this literally, I don't need a primer, but that there's already too much color going on that you don't notice much. I just don't know how Cyndi (Lauper, the one and only) managed to pull it off? Was is eyeshadow not by the gram but by the kilogram?

My hair's more peachy/cottoncandy now than it used to be (hoptpink) due to spending a lot of hours at the beach. No extreme haircolor is made for extreme sports..or living for that matter.

Week of fuglies, take 2

This image got lost somewhere in between my phone and this blog, but finally, here it is.
The 2nd manicure in the week of fuglies was a manicure that turned out better than expected; a neon pink + a bubblegum pink.
Youthquake by Color Club topped with a crackle nailpolish by Isadora (which they refer to as a Graffiti nail top) in Masterpiece pink.
It didn't last very long and chipped within a few hours (the polish from Isadora is thick and not doing well) but it didn't look fugly. A fuglyfail minus the fugly and yeah, it wasn't a fail.

Huckle Buckle and the dreaded inch

While looking in the mirror I realized why I dislike this polish and consider it a fugly:
it's so cutesycute that it clashes with my pink hair and it's making me look like I listen to Echobelly and collect fairies. I, for the record, dont. Don't on either.

Guess I will have to either dye my hair jet-black again or just put Huckle Buckle in a long forgotten drawer?

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The end is near - Return of the fuglies

While we're on the subject of biting our tongues, why not add this ;

I have worn a coral nailpolish and I liked it.

It's from MNY, got it as a gift a few months back and the number is scratched off (but I think it must be 349). Albeit a dark coral, it's still more orange than red and with a dusty tone, thus coral. Somewhat on the sheer side. I have worn it twice. My legs didn't shake, I didn't throw up and I didn't turn into a granny, but I did have a prolapse. Can I blame it on the coral? Probably not as that's all genetic but being one big sour puss, I really would have wanted to.

First the lipgloss and now this! Is the world as we know it coming to an end?
Well, I must say while it might not have inspired me to do drastic things, it most definitely has challenged me to boldly go where no (wo)man has gone before:
the fuglies.
The rest of this summer will be devoted to all things I dislike. Next up? Huckle Buckle, nasty frosty lavender polish from Essie that I purchased online thinking it was charcoal grey with a blueish tint. What's the lesson kids? Always google for swatches before spending a dime! Fellow bloggers are your best bet when it comes to saving money.

Biting my tongue

Have you ever heard, or read, me raving over a gloss? It never happened. I am not a glossy girl. I dislike the so-called wands (aka applicator), and I think they're rather unhygienic and definitely not superior to the Juicy Tube-packaging. However, this time I will bite my tongue. All wands are not evil (even if they are per definition) if they belong to a darling gloss. Such a gloss is L'oréal's 6 H Glam shine in a fruity yellow, Fresh Lemon Tonic.
Other than making your lips look as if you just had a nice nectarine, it doesn't get sticky, lasts a couple of hours and the packaging is quite nice. Holding it in my hand makes me feel like something Milla Jovovich has played in a/any movie. The only downside is the fragrance - smells like my grandma's perfume.

Now, if I had a nice blueish/purple lipstick I would swatch it over that, but as I don't, I won't. Now where to find  a good blue lipstick?

Summing it up

Right now, this is all I am about. Not clashing, as these 3 green polishes seem to do in the picture above, but everything green ( the allotment), running and well, green polish. I figured that the scented polish would be right up my alley, but the formula is off. Runny, never dries and doesn't chip but peel off like it was that type of nailpolish. I keep on returning to it, thinking that this time around I'll get it right and it will be me and The lime starts here together forever. We still haven't gotten there.

Edie is another green gal I would love to love, I really do, but she looks sick on my nails. Something about my skin and that polish definitely clashes.

The third of the bunch, Green-wich village is not a favorite at all, but counting nailtime, you could think it was. It's the green I always end up with and today is no exception.

I guess what I am saying is that I need to go on a green-hunt. A proper pea-green. Or fresh broad beans green. Maybe even a mangold green? Any ideas?

It's not you, it's me

Or rather, it's that darn Blogger-app for Android that keeps eating my posts. As I don't have anything that important to say, I haven't bothered using my laptop to rewrite those posts. I am lazy like that. I am also not using all that much makeup for the moment (see 1st image). Partly because we have an (almost) tropic heatwave going on that leaves me looking like cheese fries, but also because I haven't bought any makeup in 2 months. Well, except that Age Renew foundation I found on sale today that needs to replace the Smashit foundation that I am currently using,

I guess that makes me an old (re)tired hag - I hold on to the look I had 15 years ago (see 2nd image) and I barely even keep that updated and fresh. I guess I should move on and start a macrame-blog?

But don't fret. I still read your blogs and Feline, Helena, Sminkan and Rosella still have me yearning for things that I just might buy one day..
And psst, have you seen these pots? That pot of green needs to come home with me!
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Thank God it ain't OPI

Purchased a few fauxnad-plates online and with them, I got a mini-nailpolish that was supposedly OPI. You could tell from the start that it wasn't so I just put it away and didn't think too much about it.
Yesterday I found it while cleaning the shelves and couldn't help but try it on. However, there won't be any pictures because I couldn't even manage to put it on - it reeks. Think paint you use on scale models (cars, planes etc like Revell's or Humbrol's) and think oldschool paint that would make your head spin and your heart stop.

It's a don't. Now I just have to figure out how to dispose of this thing.

Gimme head? The ultimate makeover

Having had the flu for quite some time, I have been bedridden in front of the telly. Day-time tv brings quite a few surprises (not all good) and a couple of laughs. My guilty pleasure is Top model. Not the whole show, but especially the makeover part or when they slather on makeup as if it was wallpaint. That process is something I like - the transformation. It has less to do with beauty, finding it or enhancing it, as it has to do with passing the canvas over to someone else. What would you do with this hair? This face?

I guess that's why I don't get why so many of the girls cry when they get their hair cut short or dyed blond. When they moan about looking like a boy because they don't get to wear lipstick or moan that they look goth because their lipstick is dark. I simply just don't get it. Isn't that the fun part about makeup and hairdye - being able to do whatever and then move on or go back?

I certainly wish somebody would do something fun or exciting with my head. Or even better, what if you could just swap heads? Try on somebody else's face for a change?

This nonsense could be stemming from the fact that while sick, I have had a hard time getting the energy to put on mascara (on the lashes and not the lid) and sport any other look than the red nostrils and puffy eyes. I'm so over the natural look and I desperately need some color right about now and not just on telly.


Like a canary

The result? As seen on Twitter/Facebook - pink, pink and some dark purple. I want it to fade down to a nice cottoncandy pink.

If you're looking for good tutorials on bleaching/extreme haircolor, I suggest The dainty squid, Phyrra or Zoetica Ebb.

It's not you, it's me

If someone was to say that I haven't been around much lately, anyone saying just that would be pretty much spot on. It's not (just) that Rugby beauty filled it's purpose as a way to get myself out of a depressed slump/dump, but because right now there isn't much in the polish and makeup field that excites me (other than Electric Pineapple from China Glaze).

Maybe it all has to do with trends and the fact that this retro 80's floral shite that's so popular right now just isn't my thing. Maybe it's because I cut a mohawk again and whenever I do, I tend to wear less makeup as my hair does most of the talking. While it's plain black right now, as it get's warmer, it might just see some more colors. Whenever I go 'hawk, I find color as you can see to the right. (Bra hårdag means Good hair(day). It's sustainable blogging, recycling old pictures)

Writing about press-releases and things that don't personally interest me is not something I see any point in, so until I spot something I fall head over heels with, this blog might be lacking (original) updates. Links to great blogposts by others as well as exciting ideas,sure, that will still pop up.

New friends

I don't know where and when it happenend but I'm completely smittened by Color club. They might be using stockphotos in their ads but their recent collections Alter ego and the fruit-scented one (name?) really have me hooked.
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A whiter shade of pale

I've used the Smashit foundation for a good 3 weeks and have also I've used all swearwords I know (and that is alot I tell you). Can't get it to work.
Went shopping for a new foundation and was surpised over the lack of shades; it's all peach, almond and bronze. I am neither, I'm pale with something pink going on.

In the end, I ended up going home with what seemed to be the fairest of them all: Max Factor's Xperience in Light Ivory. It most definitely has it's flaws (takes ages to dry) but it was the only one I could find for the time being.
However, I would really like to find a foundation that isn't just ok or good enough, but great! Do you know of any brand that carries milky-white foundation?

Yet another multiproduct to the rescue!

I am not sure if this boils down to me being lazy or cheap, but I do love when I can use a product for more than one thing. The Eyeko fatbalm is one of my favorite products as is Carmex and Arden's 8 hour.
This is another - Davines' Balm that can be used as a conditioner for hair and skin as well as a makeup-remover. Since having cut a mohawk (again), I also use it for styling.

It's organic, has lovely packaging and works wonders. The only issue I have is the fragrance - it has quite a pine scent. Reminds me of grand dad's after shave.

Won this in a giveaway at Naturligt snygg and has since also ordered Davines' Replenishing butter, which is another multiproduct, as well as the Oil.
That's yet another reason giveaways are great - you get a chance to try out a brand you never heard of. I can safely say that if I hadn't won these, I probably never would have bought the butter and oil later on as this is a salon-brand and I am no salon type of girl.

Blank face, blank page

Whenever I come across a product that lets me down or doesn't live up to the hype, it seems I fall out of love with so-called beautyproducts. It has happened before and I would say it's because my love for all things beautyrelated isn't all that deep. I am the first to say it, it isn't. That was one of the reasons I started this blog - it would be a challenge.

And, a challenge it is. What to write about when you're not using all that much makeup at the moment? When you haven't purchased something in a long time?

(I'm so blank I found this in the editor - had forgotten to post it)

Should we cut organic brands some more slack?

Is it okay to completely diss a new independant brand? An organic brand? Should we give one of the good guys less critique? I must confess that my Smashit knockdown (over and out in less than one hour) makes me feel like a super-evil villain, but at the same time, if I had tried it at a store, I wouldn't have bought it.

However, now that I have it in my hand, I will use it. It works ok if I skip the daycream and if I don't use my beloved Davines face-balm (more on that later). It works on a makeup for dropping the kid off at day-care level, but I wouldn't wear it when I go out or when I want a foundation.
It's really too bad because the Milk-shade is perfect for my skin. It matches my neck perfectly which no other foundation has.
Above you see it next to my daycream which is a creamy white, and on a blueish buttercup from Royal Copenhagen. It is the perfect tone for my skin.
However, on a closeup on my dry skin (the back of my hand) you see that the formula is rather greasy and has a tendency to run, leaving a finish that makes you wonder if you have had a snail visiting. A snail that also took a slimy walk in your compact foundation before moving on to your skin...
So, please Smashit, work on the formula. Work hard, work harder and I will love you forever. You have a good thing going here as you are one of the first brands that have realized swedish women are pale as ghosts. And please remember that products that were furnished for reviews are not purchased and those reviews shouldn't be referred to as praise from customers.

As it is now, I am not impressed.


Spell-checker is your friend. And hey, weight? These aren't good signs of what to come...

Edit: Tried it on and am not pleased; I wouldn't call this a foundation, rather a tinted day-cream. My "Milk" doesn't cover anything and a concealer won't stick to it's rather greasy surface. However, my skin is silky smooth.
This retails for 275 SEK which is $43/£26.70. It's organic. It's locally produced. A foundation for the palest of the pale - Milk. It should be a hit in my book.

What disappoints me the most is that this foundation has been hyped by all the bloggers. Every other blogger has had a Smashit-giveaway and they have all given it raving reviews. Granted, I had high expectations that I guess this foundation could never had lived up to, but in the end, it's mediocre. My last foundation was Max Factor's Xperience Weightless foundation (in Light Ivory) and while I wasn't pleased with that foundation either (too sheer, too greasy, never dries), I still think it was a lot better than this. Harsh but honest and true.
In the next few days I am going to try and use Smashit as a tinted daycream (nothing else underneath nor above) and see if I am more pleased.

This also leaves me wondering about the sincerity of some of those bloggers - why is it that people that purchased the foundation aren't as pleased? Does free get a better review than money withdrawn from the Visa?

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To find a foundation

I ran out of foundation a week back. Not feeling too great, I didn't bother with buying a new one. I postponed and then I postponed the postponing. With no foundation, I didn't bother with blush or mascara and suddenly, I was tuning into something that made a wallflower look bright, extravagant and just too much. Plain Jane just isn't me. So, I decided to pick up a new foundation and put my money where my mouth is and go organic. Having seen that the new swedish brand Smashit has gotten good reviews, and was available at Tradera for next to nothing I decided to give it a go. I have yet to have it arrive on my doorstep, but I'm expecting great things from this.

And, I know, I know that it's quite entertaining that a polishaholic is getting giddy over organic makeup but I like to know when I'm meddling with nasty chemicals, ie, nailpolish and Coca Cola Zero. If there's an affordable organic option, I don't see a reason as to why not get it.

(PS: Rosella EcoBeauty has a picture of the foundations if you want to find the one for your complexion)

Almost a week

The flu hit me hard and I haven't been doing much lately other than... Nothing much. This means I have been neglecting my appearances (more than usual) and guess what - my last manicure, 2 layers, has lasted for 6 days with no base or top! Lousy pic but hey, I'm sick. It's MNY's 753.
Having read other blogger's experiences with this polish I must wonder if MNY doesn't need some quality control?
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Good head

These last 3 years, I have had black hair. Doesn't need as much maintenance as my pink/red/petrol/turquoise/purple/emerald did. Keeping my mohawk trimmed and colorful was a handful.

Which leads me to why I am writing this post; so many years have passed since I used my first La Riche (I went pink at 20) that there has to be something better on the market. Something that is permanent and doesn't keep on staining and draining? Something that can handle a bit of rain?

(Good head? By Turbonegro)

7 random facts that aren't so random when you come to think of it

I've been tagged for 7 random things meme which is also called Stylish Blogger Award. Figuring this blog is about whatever you put on your face, nails or hair, I decided to stick to my theme. I am not tagging anybody, I'm encouraging you to steal it.
  • I recently purchased my first black nailpolish but I have yet to wear it. Always thought black as too obvious, too overused and just too cliché. So no, I have never worn black nailpolish.
  • Crayons makes me want to put on make-up. I am not sure this is a good thing or what it says about me but it's true.
  • When I was 13, I thought white and emerald-green was a killer combo on the eyelids. For a long, long time I really thought it was.
  • I'm a blond. Somewhere inbetween golden blond and dirty blond. With my big brown eyes and somewhat prominent chin, somebody told me it made me look like Tori Spelling and I haven't been natural since I was 14.
  • I used to have 7 piercings but all but one are retired. I still miss my stretched lobes, but I had to let them go when my kid though they were good things to pull.
  • Don't even own one item from Mac and I am proud. Haven't even been tempted.
  • I rarely use perfume. Not just because I'm asthmatic, but because I think most scents remind me of Joan Collins. I prefer the Library of Fragrances series where the scents are the ones we remember from daily life and special occasions.

My secret stash

I guess it comes to no surprise that while I may not update all that often, I tend to capture every polish, makeup or lipstick that has ever entered my personal space.
Most of these photos never see the light of day, or the www of the internet because
A) I am to lazy to blog
B) the photos from my phone are rather crappy and not very color-accurate.
I take a picture because I don't want to miss the opportunity, but when it turns out to be all shite, it's a waste of bandwidth and time.

However, before I delete these off my phone, I am making a Spamapalooza-post so that all that time wasted won't feel as wasted.

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Some polishes are neither or

A while back, just before Christmas, I spotted these and had to get 3 for 69 sek. Dirtcheap, definitely dirtcheap. I remembered having seen them over at Saint-Bella's blog and I had been looking for them ever since because I can't resist trying a new brand. Plus, I like the design. I know that most polish-connoisseurs aren't fond of square bottles but I prefer them as it makes storage so much easier. The selection available wasn't very exciting but I managed to get 3 that weren't far too similar to anything in my collection.

However, the formula is hardly worth the 23 sek($3.48) each bottle cost. It's thick. Not even thick as syrup, thick as honey that's been in the fridge. The gold was thick and streaky.
However, they're durable. Really durable. Haven't been using base- or topcoat and it stays on for 4 days without any major chipping. I guess that this means it was actually worth it even though it was a pain in the **** to use. I also guess I should buy some nail-polish thinner.

She's got red lips, she's got blood on her fingertips

There's a red theme going around and I am guessing it was Lipglossiping that kickstarted it all with her Red series, encouraging everybody to wear a bit of red.
I do have what I consider the perfect red, Devil from Make up Store, which is a cold scarlet red. Rarely wear it though because a good red requires impeccable skin, white teeth and being able to remember you are indeed wearing makeup. I have and am neither. Rather than wear more cover and remember to be a lady at all times, I just don't wear red.
But when I do, like today while taking the dog for a walk in the pouring rain, I look like that. Add a flash and you get that startled I didn't do what you just think I did-look.

Now the other Lipgloss-blogger, Lipglossbitch has her 3 from 1 going on and this week, it's all about budget lipstick. Now I must confess that I am not sure what budget means deep down because really, all the cheap american brands cost a lot more over here (compared to what you guys pay) so in the end, it doesnt mean much. I guess one could call it drugstore-brands but I would have to pay just as much for a L'Oreal as I pay for my favorite brand Make up store.
That being said, I picked my favorite 5 of which 2 are from Make up store, ie, not a drugstore-brand. They all come in the 100-150 sek range ($14.98 to $22.50)
From above;
Make up Store's Berry
Make up Store's Devil
Sephora's own 829 (991)
Nivea's Chocolat Exquis (85)
Sephora's own 664 (971)

The Sephora lipsticks were bought as a part of a lot on Ebay. A lot that had all types of red, some blue, some yellow, some green etc.The best lipstick I have ever come across - highly pigmented, easy to work with and stays on like a charm. My favorite lipstick of the bunch above is the first, sheer and as if you had just had some raspberries. You can see the color better below.

Sale for life

I'm in the middle of exams but I had to treat myself to a palette. It might be Hello Kitty which I still can't stand, but nice colors and it was on sale...so. My 3rd Hello Kitty palette.
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Makes me blush (literally)

I haven't been around much lately (papers and essays are due) but today is a good day to post;
Lacquerized made an appearance and former beauty-blogger Bjooti made a re-appareance as a lipstick-blogger.

That gave me inspiration to post about one thing that I have put off posting because it seems so dull. Rouge, blush or whatever you may call it, is not something you get excited about, is it? I rarely find one worth keeping. My love for blush started with Make up Store's lovely blush in a cute bubblegum pink (called Chic). It was a 3-in-1 product from Jessica Simpson's Dessert treats that was followed by Eyeko's fatbalm in Raspberry.

Lately, it's been a Mosaic powder from NYX that's been swirled, dotted and dusted. I won it in a giveaway but as I haven't seen it mentioned in any blogs (lately), I think it needs to be mentioned (again and again). Mine is Plummy and can be blended into a couple of different shades (as they all can).

Reading this I realize that this is yet another giveaway post. Why is it that I am more amazed by the things I win than by the things I buy?

Nailpeeps are catpeeps, right?

This blog arose from the ashes.... well no, not really. This blog got started in grief. Knee deep, over and out. 2 days before I started it, I had to say goodbye to two companions that I had by my side for more than 10 years. The older cat (approximately 17 years old) had been ill for a long time and the younger, the 14 year old black devil, was starting to show the same signs but at a more rapid pace. As they had been sidekicks for a good 12 years, I decided they went together. Leaving one just to deteriorate while missing her friend, just to have to be put to sleep a few months later didn't seem all that human. Left all alone with mad as a hatter-dog Roky was the newbie Sigrid and a few days ago, she finally got a sidekick of her own, Vera. I must admit I cried my eyes out before picking her up - was I really over the other two? Was it right to get a new cat so soon? But then again, is 9 months really to be considered soon? I guess it goes to show how important those two cats were to me.

The polish in the picture arrived that very same day and she, yes that tiny little mitten, thought it was a plaything for her. Guess she's found the perfect household to make her kingdom? The polish in question is LA Girls' Rock star in a glitterpacked color with the very fitting name Overdose. I guess Vera likes glitter?


Dealing polish

A month ago, I fell in love. For so many years, all throughout my pre-teens and teens, french blue which is also called royal blue, was my favorite color. A nailpolish that color and my favorite finish, jelly, add to that was just to good to be true.
The sweet kitten, sorry, fierce feline, that is Alizarine claws, she bought it for me and just in time for Christmas, I got that and 3 other beauties.
I have yet to try the majority of them out, but I applied Sinful Colors' San fransisco on my nails a few days ago and it's holding up too darn good to be removed. I never was a green type of girl, but I think it is starting to grow on me (no pun). It is something about the Sinful colors' bottles that makes the polish look perfect. Almost better than they do on the nail. This particular polish looks a lot darker in the bottle than on the nail, it's rather sheer, and reminds me a lot of that warm -toned pinetree-colored paint a lot of classic (muscle)cars have.

The other green in the photo above, Edie from Color club is more turquoise than green, but has actually been a lemming of mine. Number three in the tree is Color club's Youthquake.

Now my next concern is; what do you send the polish-girl that has it all and then some? Get her addicted to lipgloss?

If it glitters...

..it is gold! The golden polish might not be 24 karat but that's what it's called. It's from Pieces, a brand that mostly carries accessories, and it was a streaky mess, but also quite inexpensice (ie dirt-cheap). On top, the beloved Party hearty from China glaze. And yup, this was before clean-up
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Every gal needs a magic wand, right?

Yet another win from the NYX-giveaway and another item I have an issue with; the applicator. I have always felt that the tip, or the brush, is rather unhygenic, so I never buy lipglosses with this type of applicator. I guess that's a reason I used to love Lancome's Juicy tubes.
But now I have this NYX lipgloss, Crystal soda, and it's rather cute in it's peachy glitter smelling like Dr Pepper, so I would like to use it. That is if I can get past my aversion for the lipgloss-wand. Please tell me I am not alone in this?